Wow - I didn't know anyone read these pages 🙂 Well as you're here you are probably wondering what sort of lunatics decide to run a circus and fire performance company and how we can about. Most importantly you are probably wondering what we can do for you!

Surefire is currently owned and run by Steph Lamey and James Guiver although it was originally founded in 2009 by a group of students in Leeds. Original members included: Thom Shaw, Ross Burton, Ben Nicholson, Ashley Ferari, Rachel Coles, John Godbolt, Ben Senior, Andy Brown, Joe Cartwright, and James and Steph. (I have almost certainly forgotten someone).

Surefire quickly evolved into a tight knit performance group and demand for our services has led us to expand our range of performers drastically. Surefire now utilises performers from across the UK including some of the finest graduates from the UK's two full time circus schools.

About The Owners:

James Guiver and Steph Lamey

Steph bossing James about as usual

Steph Lamey

'Stephanie began working in Surefire Circus theatre in 2009 when the company first developed from a group of young hopeful students. She helped to develop the concept and branding of Surefire Circus whilst working as the companies Events Organiser. Stephanie graduated from Leeds University in 2011 with a BA Honours degree in Philosophy but has since moved her career into the performance arts industry. Her past experience in marketing, social media, events, promotion and costume design all helped and led her into the role she has in the company today. She attended Circomedia performance art school in 2012 specialising in Aerial and Acrobatics and has since had a successful career as a solo artist within the circus and cabaret industry headlining some of the most exclusive shows and clubs all over the world. Stephanie runs and performs for Surefire Circus with business partner, James Guiver, as well as collaborates with various other troupes, companies and club residencies in the UK and abroad.'


James Guiver


James was also one of the founding members of Surefire and originally was in charge of handling bookings - a role he still holds today.  James Graduated from Leeds University in 2012 with a BA in Philosophy (can you guess where James and Steph met?) and also went to Circomedia in 2012/13 specialising in physical theatre and juggling. James does a variety of acts and heads up Surefire's fire performance teams and well as performing juggling acts both solo and with his juggling partner Elanor Smith.

In addition to running Surefire with Steph James also collaborates with several other UK based circus and fire troupes on a range of group shows.