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London Burlesque Festival 2014

We will soon be adding a new burlesque page to our website offering our fabulous burlesque girls (and guys) for hire. In anticipation of this Surefire Circus's very own Aurora Starr shares her experience of the recent London Burlesque Festival and some of her processes for creating acts. A great read for any budding professionals…
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Becoming a Professional Performer – 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Last week I wrote a post on things you definitely need to become a professional performer (view here). I thought it might be appropriate to follow up with a post on some things you should avoid. Like any self-employed pursuit performance is one of those areas where generally you will be making a lot of mistakes…
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Apologies for technical problems and a little update

Performance Issues   Well first of all I would like to apologise for any and all technical difficulties anyone has experienced over the last couple of weeks. We had an issue with our email servers a couple weeks ago (we just thought no one liked us) and a massive website fail that Steph insists is…
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