Apologies for technical problems and a little update

Performance Issues


Well first of all I would like to apologise for any and all technical difficulties anyone has experienced over the last couple of weeks. We had an issue with our email servers a couple weeks ago (we just thought no one liked us) and a massive website fail that Steph insists is James' fault and James insists is anyone but his fault.


We are now back online with a recreation of the website that we hope you will find bug free. Also we have new email addresses up and running successfully.

You can reach us at:

General inquires:   info@surefirecircus.com

Steph:   steph@surefirecircus.com

James:   james@surefirecircus.com

Kuwait Fire Performance

I'll take this opportunity to give you a little update. Currently four of our fire performers are in Kuwait performing at the Remal International festival alongside the amazing Argolla Productions. If you're in slovakia and need some awesome fire performers definitely check them out.

Our team will be out there until the end of April delivering daily fire shows. It has been a fantastic learning experience so far and, of course, a great time to really tighten up our show and add new dynamic levels to it - we can't wait to bring this show home to the UK.


Summer Plans

We are quickly filling our summer schedule with the usual mix of parties and festivals and a couple great corporate events. We will bring you more specific information as the summer looms closer but needless to say this is looking like an exciting year for Surefire.

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