London Burlesque Festival 2014

We will soon be adding a new burlesque page to our website offering our fabulous burlesque girls (and guys) for hire. In anticipation of this Surefire Circus's very own Aurora Starr shares her experience of the recent London Burlesque Festival and some of her processes for creating acts. A great read for any budding professionals out there. As always if you like any of our articles please feel free to use the buttons to share and spread the word.

Last month I proudly performed at the London Burlesque Festival 2014 for the 3rd year in a row. Each year I have performed for this world renown festival I have decided (probably out of madness) to create and debut a new routine. For my first year, the ‘World Burlesque Games’ in 2012 I performed my first fire combination act which included my own custom made headpiece, fire belt, fire fans and fire pastie finale. This act actually won me Runner up in the ‘Best British Newcomer’ Category which was a very proud moment for me and a turning point in my professional career. Last year I debuted another 2 new acts, an aerial hoop piece and another huge fire act, but his year I felt I had to move out of my comfort zone. I did this for a few reasons, such as not wanting to pigeon hole myself as a fire performer but also to really challenge myself. It is so easy to become complacent and although I love fire and aerial these are not always welcomed in small venues which makes it hard to get my acts ‘out there’ and I wanted to branch out from my usual style to show a different side to me.

Surefire circus - burlesque artist aurora starr

This year I have decided to focus my energy on doing something different and really challenging myself with some long term goals. For this year’s festival I debuted a double sword spinning act. This comprised of a lot of new movement technique with influences from kung fu, yoga, acrobatics and general ninja goodness but also mixed in with some feisty, female warrior style. I stretched, trained, fell, cried and generally lept around an empty dance studio covered in bruises for 3 weeks solid prior to the show and come show night I was of course incredibly nervous.

Surefire circus -Burlesque performer aurora starr

Sometimes I get so nervous I wonder why I do this to myself (I was practically hyperventilating at the stage entrance before my aerial act at last year’s show). But after the act is done (assuming I haven’t fallen on my face and taken any spontaneous stage dives) the reassurance from your fellow performers and audience is all the reason you need to remind yourself that you are on the right path and an artist in the making. I will probably never be 100% happy with every bit of performance I create but with each year that goes by I try to learn more about myself, my body’s capabilities and my potential versatility.

Today I found out my new act has earned a place in the next World Burlesque Games 2014, in the ‘British Female’ Category and I couldn't be more nervous and excited at the same time. I’m just feeling really blessed and grateful to be in such a fabulous line up and thanking my lucky stars that got me to this place today.

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